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Simple Pleasures Boost Your Mood

“There is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they are absolutely free”

Jo Walton (Science Fiction and fantasy author)

I was fortunate enough to get to my 30s before Facebook and Instagram became a big thing. I grew up without other people having so much opportunity to scrutinise what I got up to. I was free (ish!) to make mistakes without the fear of it being published and never felt the need to take a photo of what I was about to eat! 

Good job this burger is photogenic!

Don’t get me wrong, I like to use Instagram to post and view beautiful and funny photos and it’s good for anyone with a business to be ‘out there’, but as the holiday booking season approaches, I guess there will be a glut of holiday snaps put on social media. Brace yourselves! Holidays are perfect opportunities to share the good times with your followers (love it!)

How long does it take you to plan and pack for a holiday? Does it take longer to shop, wax, beautify and plan the outfits than the duration of the actual holiday? 

Did you forget to pack this?

Perhaps rather than putting all our eggs in the holiday basket, we could focus a little more on the small and very often, free, daily things that can pass us by?

I guess I’m feeling sorry for the day to day stuff, it really gets overlooked and I reckon the happiest people probably see these things and engage with them. They are mindful of their surroundings. We are talking the kind of people who eat a Jaffa Cake in stages…top, jelly and sponge!

Happy holiday researching and booking if that’s what you’re up to at the moment, but remember the sun rises and sets wherever you are. Get a bit of joy for free!