Anxiety Tame Resources

And we’re off…

Perhaps International Stress Awareness Day is an auspicious day to start writing a blog?

Each year, the first Wednesday in November has been chosen as National Stress Awareness Day UK and the mental health charity Mind  have ideas and tips on their website to help people cope better with daily stresses.

Let’s face it, stress is pretty impossible to avoid and finding ways to make us more resilient to daily stress is probably a more helpful way to reduce anxiety.

Very often it’s the way we perceive a situation rather than the situation itself that causes the distress. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help us challenge the way we look at stressful situations and the BABCP has more information on this if you fancy finding out more.

Engaging in daily exercise (even a 10 minute walk) is known to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol and focussed breathing techniques – if practised regularly- can provide a sense of calm. There are plenty of free apps available to help guide beginners or just set a timer, pop on some background music, get comfortable and away you go!

So, if you are feeling stressed today, take just 10 minutes to do something that will relax you. Perhaps try this:
Find a quiet place (well, as quiet as possible!)
Sit down somewhere comfortable
Perhaps wrap yourself in a blanket
Just focus on your breathing
Breath more slowly and deeply than usual
Inhale – breathe in the calm
Exhale – breathe out the stress

If anxious thoughts pop into your mind or if you start to replay events in your head, it’s OK. It’s hard to stop them so just acknowledge them and let them pass on by!

It seems to have worked for this one!                                                 Thank you for taking the time to read this blog