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The Bottom Line: An Iceberg Analogy.

Let’s imagine ourselves as an iceberg… The parts we show, our automatic thinking, how we respond to what’s going on around us – this is easily accessible – maybe think of this as the tip of the iceberg on top of the water.  This smaller, superficial part is...

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Wanted: Motivation!

I don’t now about you, but whenever I read one of those cringe-worthy ‘motivational quotes’ imploring me to invest in myself today in order to reap some bountiful harvest tomorrow, I fester a little inside.  Yep, if I plant that seed today, I might well gather...

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Checking out OCD

checking (n) the process of making sure that something is correct or satisfactory When stress builds up in our lives we are prone to low mood and anxiety. We might be dealing with daily pressures and then something else will happen, like a birth, a...

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Procrastination – The thief of time

Today I’m struggling with procrastination. Apparently I’m not on my own with this. I have spoken to friends and family who seem to be feeling a little bit ‘challenged’ at getting back into work, studies or writing this January. The irony is that in the US, it is...

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