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Feeling Crafty? Hobbies Raise Your Mood.

On the eve of National Sewing Machine Day (brilliant!) and National Weed Your Garden Day (only for the hardcore gardener in this weather). I thought it was pertinent to remind myself and anyone else who cares to read this, about the importance of embracing your inner Blue Peter presenter (apologies to anyone under 30 years old).

Perhaps it’s been a while since you donned your lycra and cycled off into the distance? Or maybe those knitting or crochet needles have been abandoned at the back of the drawer, only to get an outing when there’s an itch you can’t reach or a sink in need of unblocking?

Think for a minute…What did you use to love doing? Have you got stuck in a cycle of feeling time-poor and then guilty about having any ‘me time’? Seriously, everyone benefits when you can devote some time to doing something you really enjoy. It’s not rocket science…doing good, fun stuff makes us feel happier, raises our mood, improves concentration, the list goes on…

Just wanting to take up your hobby again is reason enough to do just that.

In CBT, we actually schedule ‘enjoyed activities’ for people who are struggling with anxiety and depression, not on a whim, but because studies have proven time and time again that there are mental health benefits to re engaging with once-loved past times. We encourage our children to ‘play’ because we know how important it is for their social development and imaginations. Why then do we neglect ourselves as we get older?

National Weed Your Garden Day – June 13th!

If you are stuck for ideas, then search for craft forums online, on Facebook or check out what’s on offer in your local area. There are community venues that have a whole range of groups on offer. At John Storer House, Loughborough they have things like the Social Art Group .

Craft Courses UK have a register of many, different activities, ranging from bee keeping to willow weaving.

And if you really have no intention of ever using your sewing machine again…

Perhaps you can find a better home for it?

Tools With A Mission are a charity that take donations of unused sewing machines (and many other tools) refurbish them and transport them to Africa, where they are put to good use providing people with a means to make a living. There are plenty of other charities and worthy causes that would happily up-cycle your equipment.

Thank you for reading!